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Off Beat: Off Beat is upbeat

After all that negativity that oozed out of the election campaign, it's time to be happy. Let's get positive.

Yes, Off Beat goes upbeat. Hard to believe, but true.

It's time to say good things about Yuba City.

To do that, we have to go to Humboldt County, where they can appreciate the greatness of Yuba City.

Let's turn to the Above The Fold blog, which proclaims that it offers "home delivered glances of Humboldt County."

Earlier this month, the powers behind Above The Fold wrote about the time they encamped in Yuba City.

"On our travels, we stayed in Yuba City. We've heard many disparaging stories about the Yuba City/Marysville area. (Serial Killer Juan Corona hacked his way into fame here.)," the blog said.

Stilll can't forget about Juan Corona, can they? Oh, but it gets better. Really.

"We found the town to be thriving and lively with new developments and growing retail sectors. The downtown area was beautifully tree-lined and filled with lots of mom and pop shops," it continued.

Wow, over at the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce, they're eating this up.

"But, we guess that is exactly what many Humboldters are disgusted with. Growth. Sure, there is a Walmart and strip malls littered everywhere, but there is also industry there," it went on.

Strip malls? Industry? Maybe they got lost. Maybe they were in some alternative Yuba City universe.

"A huge Sunsweet prune/ dried plum processing plant near where we stayed. Research shows it to be the largest dried fruit plant in the world.(Don't you wish Humboldt had a legal dried ag processing plant like that?)," the blog said.

Sunsweet? Of course. To somebody coming from Humboldt County, that's industry. To somebody from the Bay Area, it's, well, just prunes.

"Driving up and down the street were industrial vendor vans that served a huge industry like that.All manner of 18-wheelers were coming and going and conventional business was taking place. Oh yeah, conventional business was taking place.No wonder Yuba City is scoffed at. But, it's the home of Plum Amazins! We give it a thumbs up," it said.

A thumbs up! A thumbs up! Yuba City? Yes! Thumbs up.

So, if you're coming from Humboldt County, Yuba City is paradise (not the one in Butte County).

It's a city to be praised and, perhaps, even mimicked.

In Yuba City, they do it right, at least if you're from Humboldt County.

It's a start.

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