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SWAT pulls suspected gang member from Linda apartment

A 90-minute standoff ended on Thursday in Linda when a police dog bit a suspected Marysville gang member twice after the man burst into two apartments trying to dodge law enforcement.

Randy Harden was bleeding from his forehead when he entered Ger Thao's apartment at about 3:30 p.m. at the Shasta Glen apartment complex in the 6000 block of Gossett Way.

"I came out my bedroom, and he was sitting on a chair, bleeding on to the floor," Thao said. "I don't know him. He asked, 'Help me,' I think, but I don't speak (Spanish)."

It was not clear why Harden's head was bleeding.

Thao said Harden, 29, abruptly ran from her apartment and into another one nearby.

The resident in the second apartment called deputies.

Yuba County sheriff's Sgt. Joe Million said the incident started with a traffic stop just before 3:30 p.m.

"He was the passenger in a vehicle and foot-bailed after the vehicle was stopped," Million said.

The driver, an unidentified woman, was detained, but not arrested.

Deputies said Harden ran from Alpine Way and Shasta Way, heading west onto Gossett Way before rushing into several apartments.

"I saw the guy running, and the police came after that when he was inside there," said 10-year-old Oscar Morado, who was outside playing with friends.

More than 100 people, including dozens of children, circled the apartment building and watched the Yuba County SWAT team assemble outside. Yuba College police assisted with crowd control.

"He (Harden) refused to respond to our commands and, fortunately, the SWAT team was already training in the area," Million said. "We took precautions because he's known to have a (violent) history."

Authorities quickly surrounded the apartment after confirming Harden was wanted by Yuba City police. Deputies evacuated the surrounding apartments before raiding it.

Yuba City police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey confirmed Harden was wanted on three felony warrants, including drugs and weapons charges.

As she watched the SWAT team gear up, Thao said she was shaken.

"I don't think I was scared when he was there, but I'm scared about it now," Thao said.

Deputies stormed the apartment just before 5 p.m. and found Harden hiding in a bedroom, authorities said.

"He wouldn't come out and the canine bit both his legs and he surrendered," Million said.

No shots were fired and nobody was injured.

Linda firefighters and paramedics examined Harden at the scene before deputies took him to the Yuba County Jail.

It was not immediately clear if Harden would face any additional charges.

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