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46 witnesses in Yuba City teacher’s lawsuit

Forty-six people, many of them Yuba City Unified School District administrators or teachers, are listed as witnesses in the Feb. 11 trial of a lawsuit by a special education teacher who contends she faced retaliation for advocating for students.

Lisa Polonsky-Britt, who taught at April Lane Elementary from 2001-09 and at King Avenue Elementary the next school year, contends district officials ignored her phone calls and emails, excluded her from important meetings and told her she'd have to accept a part-time position or transfer to another school.

Angela Huerta, principal at April Lane, five teachers at King Avenue Elementary and a special education consultant are among listed witnesses for the trial in federal court in Sacramento.


Polonsky-Britt said the actions followed her refusing to obtain parental waivers in the 2008-09 school year for three special education students at April who had taken the state's modified science assessment. The special education teacher believed it to be illegal to obtain waivers after the testing occurred, according to a court document.

Yuba City Unified disputes her assertions and said no evidence exists that school officials retaliated against Polonsky-Britt for raising concerns about special education students. The perceived retaliatory conduct stemmed from normal day-to-day school district operations including transferring teachers because of enrollment patterns, Yuba City Unified said.

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