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Barry Elementary seeks land for multipurpose rooms, parking

An expansion featuring new parking spaces and multipurpose rooms may be looming in Barry Elementary School's future, but whether the school will acquire the necessary land needed for the improvements has yet to be seen.

If approved, the construction would be a part of the Yuba City Unified School District's master plan, which serves to strengthen schools and improve weaknesses, said Jonathan Barth, assistant superintendent of business for the district.

A $7,500 contract, given to Krazen and Associates, was recently approved by the school board to evaluate 25 acres east of Barry School. The unanimous vote was the first step toward assessing the area for future development.

"As we look at traffic and other site space needs, we need to know certain things before we go too far into the process of thinking about acquisition of land and possibly presenting that to the board," Barth told the board in November. "So this is the level one environmental study."

Traffic is a concern at Barry Elementary, he said. Cars frequently become backed up — especially in the afternoon when school gets out — because of the school's proximity to Highway 99.

Vehicle congestion was a problem in the same year Barry Elementary exceeded its projected enrollment.

A new parking lot and multipurpose rooms would be a much-needed addition to the community, said Fred Northern, a YCUSD board member.

The land adjacent to Barry is managed by the Meagher and Tomlinson real estate firm and owned by Larry Matsumara. However, it's possible that the district could make an offer for only a portion of that, he said.

As of now, though, everything is still in the preliminary stages, Northern said.

Results from the Krazen and Associates evaluation should come back to the board by mid- to late January, Barth said. At that point, the board will reconvene and decide how to proceed.

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