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Stucco to be stripped from Bear River School for repairs

Stucco on buildings at Bear River Middle School in Wheatland will have to be removed to repair the underlying wood backing and prevent permanent damage from water intrusion, the Wheatland School District said.

Stucco will be reapplied, said the school district. The district plans to do more testing to determine responsibility for the water problem during a week in April when the school will be closed.

The work and planned testing are noted in new filings in Yuba County Superior Court that follow the October lawsuit by the school district against the developers of Bear River. Construction and design defects exist in almost every part of the school, which opened in 2004, according to court filings.

The Wheatland School District is suing the developers after discovering water stains on walls and ceilings as well as slight separation of the gym floor — problems Superintendent Craig Guensler has said do not interfere with safe operation of the school.

The water damage was found in January, the superintendent had said. The site is structurally sound and has been tested for mold and none was found, Guensler said.

The school district said it was unable able to reach developers Regent Development in Sacramento or its subsidy Regent-Wheatland LLC. The lawsuit is intended to assure that problems are corrected and that the school doesn't have to pay huge sums for the work, the superintendent said.

Bear River Middle School, at 100 Wheatland Park Drive, has about 500 students.

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