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Sutter County animal shelter construction awaits drier weather

Progress on construction of a new $5 million Sutter County regional animal shelter is awaiting a solid break from wet weather.

And county administrators, working in the meantime on policies and plans for running the facility, have said they now realize they will need a private partner to do so effectively.

Community Development Director Danelle Stylos said she is hoping to see the creation of a new nonprofit group to help raise funds and write grants to support shelter operations and adoption efforts.

"It's kind of way out there," she said of the idea, "but we need that kind of entity."

Stylos said the "Friends of the Sutter County Animal Shelter-type group," could help the county establish its first spay/neuter program, purchase surgical equipment for the shelter, and fill other gaps in operations funding.

"We're working with different volunteer organizations," she said, "and we're hoping somebody has the courage to do this."

The main building at the new shelter site, on Garden Highway, south of Franklin Road, currently has footings and wall curbs in place.

Construction supervisor Jeff Click said he expects to begin excavation on Monday to prepare for the installation of a complex plumbing system.

That work, he said, will take three weeks of dry weather to complete, and another to pour concrete for the building's foundation.

The facility's numerous drains will require sloped flooring built in stages, which Click said is labor intensive.

Getting that part of the job completed, Click said, will permit workers to make progress through the winter.

"Hopefully, the weather will treat us right, and we can get dug in," he said.

The project is expected to be completed in 2013 or early 2014.

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