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This Week in Local History: Nov. 18-24

100 years

One of the worst railroad wrecks recorded in this locality occurred in the morning shortly after 7 o'clock on the trestle which crosses the Feather river bottoms between Marysville and Yuba City, when car no. 21 used on the local street car system of the Northern Electric with its dozen or more passengers was knocked completely over the south side of the trestle to the ground below, a distance of twenty-six feet, by a head-on collision with a freight motor, and as a result many people were badly injured and one or two probably may have died.

50 years

Fire of undetermined origin gutted the second story of the Central Market building, 417 C St., about 9 p.m. last night.

25 years

Protestors who gathered across from Marysville High School, defiantly waved placards that proclaimed "students have rights" to smoke when they're not on campus. A state law went into effect, banned the use or possession by students of tobacco or any tobacco-related product on public school campuses and barred students from smoking while they are coming or going from school, eating lunch on or off campus, or going to or coming from a school-sponsored activity.

10 years

After a number of Biggs residents were cited by the city's animal control officer, the City Council approved the first reading an ordinance that would prohibit keeping crowing roosters within city limits. The ordinance would allow keeping "a single fowl," not including a crowing rooster, and only if it does not disturb the peace and quiet.

5 years

A Yuba-Sutter thriftstore that provided funding for activities of developmentally disabled people closed after 35 years. Value Village, in Linda, shut down after its owner — Yuba-Sutter Council for the Retarded — decided to disband.

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